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14JUN20 | Real Ops Sydney

Sam Hall

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VATPAC invites you to a Real Operations event featuring Sydney as the host airport. Fly into or out of Sydney inbound many of the locations the aerodrome services on a daily basis. Whether you prefer a 1 hour hop with multiple sectors, or a long hall either starting or ending with full ATC, this event is for you!

What is real ops?

Sydney Real Ops is a major event hosted within VATPAC's airspace on the VATSIM Network. The aim of this 8 hour event is to closely replicate and simulate the real schedules of Sydney airport. 

Given the unprecedented circumstances that surround us, Sydney Airport's traffic levels have significantly decreased, however we have been able to secure schedules prior to COVID-19.

This year we have decided to open and dedicated 8 hours of full time controlling to capture the peak arrivals and departures for Sydney, we have based these slot times on a typical weekday schedule.

This year we have been blessed with the knowledge from some of our community members on how YSSY operates both on paper and in practice. 

With this knowledge we are able to create a simulated environment that almost mimics real world operations.

How does it work?

To simulate Sydney's real world environment we have carefully laid out slot times for Pilots to book, these slot times are replicated to the best of our ability given the current set of circumstances.

A pilot will need to secure their slot prior to logging onto the network, if a Pilot decides to logon to the network without a slot they will need to contact Sydney Coordinator to secure a spare slot, if a pilot is inbound from another Airport into Sydney you will receive slot information from the Flow Controller.


Event Details:
Real Ops Sydney is designed to allow pilots and controllers the ability to receive full ATC service as they transition in and out of the busiest airport in the country. Fly either domestically or internationally as you hurtle your way to/from the airport! The possibilities are endless.

Throughout this event, ATC will be tasked at keeping appropriate separations standards whilst pilots move about the TMA and ground joining the arrival and departure streams. The challenge is to keep Sydney busy for the entire event! and we can only do that with heaps and heaps of pilots!


All VATPAC, VATNZ and Visiting Controllers may apply for a position to control at this event, we intend on splitting the 8 hours into 2-3 shifts depending on the traffic load and ATC applications. To apply for ATC please visit the link below.

Apply for ATC here!

Dependent on the number of ATC Applications will ultimately persuade the number of controller positions that are eventually published and rostered. Positions that are planned to be rostered are below. 

Name: Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
Sydney Delivery SY_DEL Sydney Delivery 133.800
Sydney SMC East *NS* SY-E_GND Sydney Ground 121.700
Sydney SMC West SY_GND Sydney Ground 126.500
Sydney ADC East *NS* SY-E_TWR Sydney Tower 124.700
Sydney ADC West SY_TWR Sydney Tower 120.500
Sydney Approach North SY_APP Sydney Approach 124.400
Sydney Departures North *NS* SY_DEP Sydney Departures 123.000
Sydney Director West *NS* SY-D_APP Sydney Director 126.100
Brisbane Centre (Downs) BN-DOS_CTR Brisbane Centre 135.600
Brisbane Centre (Mudgee) BN-MDE_CTR Brisbane Centre 133.000
Melbourne Center (Snowy) ML-SNO_CTR Melbourne Centre 124.000
Melbourne Center (Wollongong) ML-WOL_CTR Melbourne Centre 125.000
Sydney Flow




Booking System:

VATPAC is proud to announce the return of a slot booking system. Courtesy of the Dutch vACC with integration into VATPAC services from Paul Tudball and Harrison Scott, we are happy to once again welcome a pilot booking system to VATPAC events. 

SLOT BOOKINGS OPEN  28th May 2020 0800z 

Book your flight here!

Aircraft Slots have been created to simulate real world schedules ( To the best of our ability ), one week prior to the event slots will be opened for booking, Pilots may choose more than one slot to book if their arrival or departure slot times don't overlap. 
Once your slot is booked you'll receive a confirmation email, please read over this to ensure the information is correct.

24 hours prior to the event commencement you will receive the following information by email:
- Confirmed Slot Time including take off time.
- Confirmed Gate Allocation for Sydney.
- Confirmed Route.
- All Documentation.

Important Pilot Information
- Please read the Pilot Briefing, this will include important airspace information including ATC flow and who to contact.
- Please make sure you login with the correct Call sign, Gate / Stand etc at least 20 minutes prior to slot time.
- Please ensure you're using your assigned route, these routes are based on real world, if you can't use your route please email events or converse with SY_COORD on the day.
- Please be courteous, if for some reason you miss your slot we will endeavor to fit you in.
- If you decide to fly without a slot please note, we will do our best to fit you in however there maybe lengthy delays.
- Most importantly have fun!



Documentation for Pilots and ATC will be posted here as it becomes available.





FlyTampa YSSY: Buy

ORBX AUv2: Buy


ISDG YSSY: Download
ISDG YMML: Download
CDG YBBN: Download

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