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Offical VATPAC GitHub

Tom Grozev

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The VATPAC IT team is hard at work on numerous projects and in an effort to increase transparency and community engagement we are opening up our projects to the community. This GitHub account houses various projects that are developed for the VATPAC community. We invite you to collaborate, make pull requests and raise issues to improve the quality of the systems on VATPAC.


You can run the projects on your local machine with a connection to the Core for the time being but API keys will be implemented in the future to be able to access the Core locally outside VATPAC servers.


In regards to security and privacy, only projects that do not involve any sensitive data are being published to the GitHub, i.e. frontend projects that integrate with the VATPAC Core and do not directly deal with any sensitive data. For that reason systems such as the VATPAC Core backend are not published to the public.


You can access the VATPAC GitHub at https://github.com/vatpac-it.

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