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VATSIM Australia Server Issues

Tom Grozev

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Over the past few days, VATSIM's Australia based server has been experiencing connection drops. These losses in connection are temporary and only last for about 10 or so seconds before regaining connection. Loss of connection only seems to be occurring once or twice per day at irregular intervals.

We are aware of the cause of the issue but due to various constraints, we are forced to look into various alternative solutions.

The services affected are as follows:

  • VATSIM Australia Service (both pilot clients and controller clients)
  • VATPAC voice servers (rw1.vatpac.org & rw3.vatpac.org)
  • VATPAC TeamSpeak


For the majority of the time, the Australian server will work just fine, if you are having troubles and are not able to connect please try connecting to rw2.vatpac.org as this should work.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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