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[11MAY18 2300-0300Z] Friday Night Ops - Down Under

Callum Strawbridge

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Ladies and Gentlemen, VATPAC and VATUSA are proud to present the latest VATUSA Friday Night Ops - Down Under!


We have something exciting, different and possibly even challenging in store for you. Did you know that VATPAC's airspace covers a large amount of the Pacific Islands? It even covers Papua New Guinea. This FNO, join us as VATPAC fully staffs Port Moresby - AYPY (The capital of P.N.G), Cairns - YBCS, Brisbane - YBBN and Hamilton Island - YBHM (Both in Queensland, Australia). This gives you the chance to experience Class C and D airports as well as the chance to experience some absolutely stunning scenery. 


Kicking off at 2300, you can choose where to depart or arrive from, what to fly and how hard our controllers will work. We recommend flying regional sized aircraft to Hamilton Island as it regularly sees the Q400, 717 and 738's, however, the choice is yours. 


You can find a full pilot briefing available including charts, local procedures and scenery at our website https://fno.vatpac.org 


Airports: AYPY , YBBN, YBCS , YBHM


Time: [11/05/18] 2300 - 0300Z | [12/05/18] 0900-1300 AEST


Full ATC at all airports!


ATC Applications can be submitted at https://fno.vatpac.org. Applications will close Sunday 06MAY and the roster will be published within 24 hours. 

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