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USA FNO Downunder

Tracy S - 848725

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2300 - 0300z (0900 -1300 AEST)




On September 2nd 2016 2300z, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia welcomes VATUSA to Friday night Ops.

At 2300z, the sun will be up on an early Spring Saturday morning as Melbournians and Sydney-siders go about their weekend.


With Vatsim's VATPAC (Vatsim Pacific) division manning the airspace between Sydney International Airport "YSSY", Melbourne International "YMML" airport in Tullamarine, and Adelaide Airport "YPAD" we invite you to fly between the 3 airports. Allow approximately 1.3 to 1.8 hours flight time for jets between any given pair. (Mach 0.73 - Mach 0.84 assumed)



- YSSY Sydney

Payware FlyTampa YSSY

freeware FSX YSSY

freeware P3D YSSY

Vista oz YSSY for FS2004

YSSY for Xplane 10


YMML Melbourne

Payware Orbx YMML

Freeware FSX YMML

Freeware FS2004 Vista Australis

Xplane 10 YMML


YPAD Adelaide

Payware Auscene YPAD Adelaide

Freeware FS2004 YPAD



Flight Planning


In Australia, flight plans are filed in the ICAO method, with the SID/STAR not included with the initial filing. This will be provided by ATC on contact with clearance delivery (for departure) and with Centre, usually just prior to initial descent clearance.


In Sydney each different runway has it's own set of SID's, which can be hard to predict ahead of time. Due to this, the outbound route should start with "TESAT". TESAT is an RNAV waypoint located on the airfield, replacing the old VOR "SY" which has since been decommissioned in the real world as part of the Navigation Rationalization project which removed 179 ground-based navigation aids on the 26th of May 2016, meaning GNSS is now the primary means of navigation for all instrument flight rule aircraft and flight plans.


An IFR Aircraft flying from Sydney to Melbourne will file TESAT H65 RAZZI Q29 ML regardless of the runways in use. Indeed some aircraft may well be assigned the WOL9 departure from runway 34L, and others the MARUB5 departure from runway 34R given northerly prevailing winds. Both of these departures join the H65 airway at WOL (Wollongong), however the SID tracks are very different, with one starting with a Left turn off runway 34L, and the MARUB5 departure from runway 34R starting with a Right turn.


[shadow=red,left]Note: PFPX may not produce a valid flight plan in some cases without the user editing the flight route![/shadow]


Knowledge about deleting waypoints and closing route discontinuities in your FMS will be useful. Cheats include knowing the 2nd waypoint along the initial airway. Additionally be aware that ATC is likely to ammend the text of your route when giving clearance in the same manner as the Electronic Flight Strip is used in the real world. Once you file it, it's theirs.




To help with filing your flight plan, VATPAC provides the Pilot Assist Website at http://operations.vatpac.org/assist/?pg=pilotassist



Simply plug in the ICAO code of your departure and arrival airports, and choose the aircraft type you will be using (options: Jet or Prop/turboprop).


Additionally the real world Air Services Australia website provides charts for all airports in Australia, free of charge, on their Aerodrome and Procedure Charts website



For reference a chart of the airports featured for this event, and the routes for Jets between them is included below. Note the airways between Australia's State Capitals are single direction airways to separate inbound and outbound flows. The real world Sydney - Melbourne sector is among the top 5 busiest air routes in the world.





YSSY Sydney airport ground chart, and the areas various airlines typically use.

Note: International on the west (left) side and Dometic on the east (right) side, including freight.

In most FSX sceneries (including default) the Domestic side gates start with the letter "D", and the international side has no alphabetic prefix.




YMML Melbourne airport ground chart, and the areas various airlines typically use.



YPAD Adelaide airport ground chart: Note, all airlines other than GA and Freight park at the common terminal


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Flow will be active during the event, so controllers should familiarise themselves with the following: http://www.vatpac.org/operations/documents/manuals/TermFlowCtrl.pdf


In particular, read the "Flow Principles" section. I will be using the spreadsheet for this one and I'll provide the link on Friday night when I get home. If you are rostered onto an Approach or En route position and you are unsure about any of the Flow procedures, either post on here (preferred since everyone gets to see the answer) or message me and I can give you a hand.

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Was LAHSO operational info provided with the briefing material to VATUSA?

Nothing worse than having LAHSO in the ATIS and every aircraft asking what it means on first contact. I'm sure we're not the only place on earth that runs LAHSO but might be worth ensuring participants expect it if wx suits?

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LASHO is very common in America.


ENR controllers can give a brief explication to the pilots if required. (I gave an explication to every aircraft on MRM, it's not difficult)


Up to events to put it in the event information.


We can't run LASHO for long on MRM because last light is usually around six, so FNO will be a good opportunity to have some LASHO fun. 

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While there are restrictions on LAHSO by night, I'm pretty sure it isn't prohibited...



simultaneous take-off and landing is not authorised at night.


LASHO.pdf (from documents)

simultaneous take-off and landing is only permitted by day;



Is VATPAC missing something from what ASA does David?

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can't wait guys. Definitely will be an awesome experience.


I will be

[move]QFA150 (YSSY-YMML)[/move]

[move]QFA151 (YMML-YPAD)[/move]


See you then.


Do you mean:




        QFA105 M

        390 > 390 45

        YMML B738



              /  \

_______|    |




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Hi everyone.


Weather forecast for tomorrow's event.


A westerley jetstream provides a significant tail wind to aircraft flying Adelaide to Sydney, although the core of this is well north of the path, it should still provide up to 80kts in the corridor.


The entire area between YSSY, YPAD and YMML sees some Clear Air Turbulence. Light turbulence forecast from FL245 - FL450 between YPAD and YMML, and between FL245-390 from YSCB to YMML.


Sydney sees the tail end of a cold front move out as scattered cloud offshore in the early stages, and the wind moving from a Northerly to a heavy gusting westerly in the 2nd to 3rd hour of the event.


Melbourne has a westerly from the onset of the event with low clouds, with possible showers later in the (Australian Saturday) morning, turning into moderate rain in the afternoon.


Adelaide sees westerlies and showers of light rain, and cloud bases down to 2000ft scattered interspersed with moderate rain bringing visibility down to 5km occasionally toward the end of the event timeframe.





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ML will be the only place getting event traffic from multiple directions. No point running Flow for a single direction (as in the case of SY and AD) as you can easily get your 2 minutes-in-trail using the velocity vector without any need to consider merging.

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Good morning!


On the behalf of VATUSA. I want to thank you for hosting this event and I look forward to seeing how it goes. Thank you to every single controller working our guys tonight and the staff for getting everything so organized.


Have fun and good luck. We're all counting on you!

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