Panic Stations

What is Panic Stations?

The idea is devilishly simple. Get as many aircraft as possible to try and arrive at a destination airport, touching down at the same time!

It's up to ATC to sort it out and ensure correct procedures and separation standards are adhered to at all times. The first jet and non-jet aircraft to touch down at/after the target time enjoy bragging rights....until the next Panic Stations.

Pilots can expect non-standard arrivals, plenty of holding and/or speed restrictions. Controllers can expect to work hard, often in non-standard or non-radar positions. It is an extremely satisfying experience as a controller sitting back after a Panic Stations event having adhered to published standards and procedures at all times.

Check out the Event Announcements Forum to find details of the next VATPAC Panic Stations! 



Panic Stations Hall of Fame



Latest Winners

24MAY20 Brisbane Brad Wolff VHBJW 09:00:49 B738 Sydney
    Greg Barber GKB 09:02:54 TBM9 Rockhampton
  Gold Coast Sam Hall VOZ828 09:00:35 B738 Coffs Harbour
    Luka Brown N6995C 09:08:50 PA28 Brisbane



Past Winners

29APR07 Brisbane Greg Barber VHGKB 10:31:00 Dash 8 Gladstone
27MAY07 Melbourne Matt Stagg VOZ378 10:30:00 B737 Hobart
24JUN07 Sydney Craig Woodbridge VOZ417 10:30:00 - Adelaide
29JUL07 Adelaide Greg Wilson (Brisbane) VH-BJD - BE58 Cooma
26AUG07 Cairns Tom Sansom QFA801 - B738 Darwin
02OCT07 Canberra Ian Mitchell QF007 10:30:01 B763 -
30DEC07 Sydney Jarrad Phillips QFA13 10:35:40 B738 Darwin
16MAR08 Brisbane John Lucas EWA228 10:30:16 B738 Longreach
18MAY08 Melbourne Ian Mitchell QF007 10:30:50 B763 Canberra
    Lionel Rockman VH-LBR 10:32:50 DH8A Flinders Island
13JUL08 Sydney Chris Martin QFA927 10:30:03 B763 Cairns
    Steve Baines RXA774 10:35:50 SF34 Albury
7SEP08 Brisbane Paul Van Sebille YMA006 10:32:56 B738 Sydney
    David Neil YMA7307 10:32:17 C172 Gold Coast
2NOV08 Adelaide James Kittelty YMA7312 09:31:13 B738 Melbourne
    Alex Tang G77 09:49:08 B350 Parafield
18JAN09 Canberra Ben Wynn VOZ512 09:37:17 B737 Sydney
    Daryl Horton YMA7334 09:38:40 C182 Canberra
11APR09 Dunedin - NZ James White ANZ411 09:01:02 B733 Wellington
    Mark Taylor QFA508 09:18:50 CONI Invercargill
19JUL09 Brisbane Neil Spolding UAE197 10:31:19 B744 Melbourne
    Ted Pewtress YMA7327 10:44:23 DHC5 Gold Coast
22NOV09 Melbourne Mark Taylor QFA508 10:35:18 A330 Perth
    Leigh Stokes VH-LMS 10:38:18 AC68 Adelaide
14FEB10 Darwin Trent Hopkinson QFA792 10:32:00 B763 Perth
    Leigh Stokes VH-LMS 10:32:30 AC680 Halls Creek
16MAY10 Sydney Stephen Cotterill YMA7265 10:30:49 B744 Cairns
    Ryan Baker VH-MWU 10:40:57 BE20 Warnervale
13JUN10 Cairns Luke Bruce-Smith YMF7100 10:30:29 B744 Brunei
    Ross Francis VH-RJF 10:32:03 C182 Innisfail
15AUG10 Adelaide James White VOZ436 10:31:27 B737 Sydney
    Trent Hopkinson VH-SMQ 10:42:19 JS41 King Island
17OCT10 Gold Coast David Zhong KLM8551 09:34:22 MD11 Brisbane
    Leigh Stokes VH-LMS 09:43:54 AC68 Taroom
21NOV10 Sydney Trent Hopkinson QFA64 09:31:00 B747 Johannesburg
    Shannon Wells VHBTD 09:31:00 PA31 Goulburn
9JAN11 Perth Greg Wilson (Melbourne) REB9 09:31:15 B738 Karratha
    Leigh Stokes VH-LMS 09:32:00 AC68 Laverton
    Cameron Clark GIA715 10:31:00 B744 Jakarta
    Kurt Wieldraayer VH-EOI 10:32:00 B190 Busselton
13MAR11 Melbourne Trent Hopkinson VOZ1383 09:30 E190 Launceston
    Arjun Murthy TROJ328 09:30 C130 East Sale
    Colin Mason DJ427 10:30 B747 Sydney
26APR11 Adelaide (Classic) Lionel Rockman VH-LBR 10:32 MUS Leigh Creek
22MAY11 Canberra John Lucas QFA228 10:32 B738 Adelaide
    Trent Hopkinson VHTFD 10:30 BE60 Young
12JUN11 Auckland (Classic) Ben Ohene EAG204 10:32 B190 Hamilton
10JUL11 Brisbane Jack Richardson QFA834 10:32 JS41 Gladstone
    Alexander Lynskey VHOCV 10:34 GLEX Henderson
27AUG11 Singapore (Classic) Nick Langley QFA413 13:01:11 B763 Darwin
02OCT11 Sydney John Arena QFA032 09:30 A388 Singapore
    Russell Diehl QLK07 09:32 DH8C Coffs Harbour
12FEB12 Adelaide Jake Saw QFA701 09:30 B738 Melbourne
    Don Collins YMA7325 09:30 JS41 Mildura
15APR12 Cairns Christoph Reppel VOZ785 10:30½ B738 Brisbane
    Alex Deedrik VH-ALD 10:31 C172 Dunk Island
29SEP12 Perth Justin Wise YMA7353 10:30:15 B738 Broome
    Greg Barber VATPAC3 10:38:55 BE60 Rottnest Island
20JAN13 Sydney Alex Reynolds QFA1055 10:34 B738 Townsville
    Steven Brown VH-VTH 10:37 BE58 Camden
28SEP13 Moorabbin - VH-ADN - - -
    - VH-LBR - - -
    - VH-JGA - - -
13APR14 Brisbane Thomas Briggs - - - -
    Chris Tripp - 10:34 - -
  Gold Coast Trent Hopkinson - - - -
    Russell Diehl - 10:34 - -
18OCT15 Perth James Wilson - 10:31 - -
    Matthew McEwen - 10:34 - -
15MAY16 Melbourne (RWY34) Marty Pederson VOZ742 11:30:03 B738 Gold Coast
  (RWY27) Marco Harsono VOZ888 11:42:00 B77W Sydney
    Trent Hopkinson QLK139D 12:01:00 DH8D Canberra
30SEP17 Adelaide (RWY 23) Daryl Lyons QFA212 - B738 Melbourne
    Greg Barber GKB - BE60 Mount Gambier
  (RWY 12) Daniel Kotronis VH-DDL - C172 Kingscote
20JAN18 Bali (International) Shawn Meacham KLM835 10:00:35 B772 Singapore
    Mathew McEwen ZKZTU 10:02:20 C206 Maumere (WATC)
19AUG18 Launceston Alex Diederich JST753 07:03:26 A320 Brisbane
    Pheonix Taylor SHA806 07:00:28 SW4 Flinders Island
  Hobart Blair Shaddock VOZ1328 07:01:05 B738 Melbourne
    Ben Childs VH-BAC 07:18:55 CL30 Launceston
17AUG19 Perth Stephen Harrington RSCU471 09:01:05 D328 YPPH YRTI YGAD
    Jason Beringer YMA591 09:02:47 B738 Alice Springs
24MAY20 Brisbane Brad Wolff VHBJW 09:00:49 B738 Sydney
    Greg Barber GKB 09:02:54 TBM9 Rockhampton
  Gold Coast Sam Hall VOZ828 09:00:35 B738 Coffs Harbour
    Luka Brown N6995C 09:08:50 PA28 Brisbane