Spilled Milk Run

The Spilled Milk Run evolved (some would say mutated) from the popular Monday Milk Run series.

Our membership expressed a desire to just once in while, do something a bit different during the Milk Run time slot whilst taking advantage of the Milk Run traffic and ATC levels. So, on the last Monday of most months, join us for something "a bit different". Things you might encounter during a Spilled Milk Run include:

* Moving the focus from Sydney and Melbourne to another Australian city pair

* Airspace restrictions

* Diversions

* Holding

* Runway and/or Aerodrome closures

We won't always announce prior to a Spilled Milk Run what the "spillage" is going to be. Sometimes a scenario is presented to currently logged on ATC who are then left to their own devices to come up with, and implement a plan. Pilot's do not have to "play" if they aren't comfortable with a particular scenario and it's up to ATC to manage those pilots too!

Spilled Milk Runs are, in summary, a fun and sometimes necessary diversion from the very realistic Milk Run. Join us, you won't regret it!

Don't miss our Spilled Milk Run, last Monday of every month from around 6pm AEDT/AEST.

Check the VATPAC Events Calendar for Scenery suggestions and Routes for the week.