As the name suggests, Real Ops is about as real as it gets when it comes to online aviation simulating real world operations.

Once a major Australian airport has been selected, the arrival / departure schedule of that airport for a given day is as closely replicated as possible. A schedule is available for pilots to book and fly their chosen route. Don't miss your departure slot though or you may incur a delay until another slot can be assigned by ATC, subject to availability. Full ATC services (including non-standard positions where applicable) are available for the duration of the event.

As in the real world, there are peak times where things get very busy, especially on the radio. You'll need to keep your radio calls short and sweet during these times!

Due to the enormous amount of effort that goes into creating a Real Ops event, we don't hold them too often so make sure you check the VATPAC Events Calendar regularly to keep up to date.

Check the VATPAC Events Calendar for Scenery suggestions and Routes for the week.