Wednesday: World Discovery

World Discovery Flights commenced in August 2012 and have been flown on every Wednesday night since. These flights have given all who fly greater exposure to the Flight Sim World by being a regular event on the VATPAC web site and great geogrpahical coverage to VATPAC, as well as the wider VATSIM community. 

Over the years we have flown to many locations around the world from the first one in Brazil and continuing to many great locations including Lukla in Nepal for a challenging landing and Milford Sound in New Zealand for some fantastic scenery. Tens of thousands of great locations around the world await.

Our flights are all based on VFR flying and restricted to about 90min in the air and covering about 180nm in total distance with Touch and Go’s on the way to the destination. We have been joined by many pilots from other parts of the world who now continue to fly WDF and have had ATC support from many different regions.

Come along and enjoy a great flight every Wednesday Night with the World Discovery Flight Crew, and if you have a favorite VFR flight that is around 180nm and flown in about 90 minutes and you would like to share with us, let us know.

All World Discovery Flight information can be found in the Calendar section on the Vatpac website.

Hope to see you on a World Discovery Flight soon!

Check the Vatpac Events Calendar for Scenery suggestions and Routes for the week.