East Coast Connect (Saturday)


East Coast Connect is a new event that offers two different types of events every four weeks. Running every second Saturday, the first round is a connection between Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast. In the second round, we connect between Brisbane & Cairns!

Pilots can expect ATC to be online between the nominated airfields from 0800z - 1200z!

ATC can expect to apply their sequencing skills in order to generate a pleasant flow of traffic between the nominated airfields.


Rostering Trial:

During September & October, the events team will be trialling a rostering system for this event. The roster will be released on the Wednesday before the event. Positions that are not rostered (i.e. no controller assigned on the position) will remain free for all controllers available on the day to control.

Controllers who wish to reserve a position to control during this event are encouraged to apply via https://events.vatpac.org/ - After the controller roster is released on Wednesday evening, no controllers will be added to the roster.

Feedback about this trial can be directed to events@vatpac.org or via https://feedback.vatpac.org/


Find out where they are flying this Saturday on the VATPAC Calendar!


Coordinator in charge of this Event:

Cameron Wilbraham
Events Coordinator
E: c.wilbraham@vatpac.org