Friday & Sunday: VFR Operations

VFR Operations is a relaxed friendly way to enjoy virtual flying on a Friday and Sunday evening. Flights are based largely within Australia with the occasional off shore event in nearby New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

This is a great way for pilots new to online virtual flying to familiarise themselves with flying online. Typically flight durations are of the order of 70 to 100 minutes flown in a variety of aircraft varying from light sports to fast turbo props. Most participating pilots prefer to be "hands" on for the majority of flights with flight automation kept to a minimum. Low and slow is the motto and on occasions flights enlist the challenge of flying into controlled airspace but most flights are conducted in class G uncontrolled airspace.

Pilots attempt to conduct themselves in as realistic manner as possible and radio communication is encouraged where practical. Once simulation pilots are exposed to flying online, they soon realise how much fun it is learning to fly with virtual ATC despite what can often seen as a daunting learning curve. Even new simulation pilots still getting to grips with flight simulation and handling their aircraft have little to fear. It won't take long to realise that even the most experienced of online pilots occasionally execute the perfect "wheels up" landing because they failed to lower the gear. It happens more often than pilots care to admit!

Flight operations are published weekly and are listed in the VATPAC Calendar. The calender listing will provide some general information on the date and time but more importantly there will be a link to a pilot briefing where all the necessary information to participate in scheduled activity can be found. All the hard work is done by us. Pilots just need to reference the briefing sometime prior to the event to check to see if there is any additional scenery to obtain, download the provided GPS Flightplan and review the flight brushing up on anything unfamiliar prior to joining the event. The flights are intended to be both fun and educational, so anything not understood can be referred to others who will undoubtedly be able to provide additional information if necessary.

Another way to get involved is to also participate with other participating pilots via Teamspeak 3 where general conversations are held in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Many technical issues can be addressed for those seeking resolutions to flight simulation challenges.

Click here for instructions on setting up and logging into the VATPAC Teamspeak 3 server and join other like minded flight simming pilots in the "Daily Focus" voice room.

Check the VATPAC Events Calendar for Scenery suggestions and Routes for the week.