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  • Controllers:
    Controllers who wish to reserve a position to control during this event are encouraged to apply via https://events.vatpac.org/. After the controller roster is released on Saturday evening, no controllers will be added to the roster. Positions that do not have a nominated controller (i.e. no controller assigned on the position) will remain free for all controllers available on the day to control.

    *Non-Standard positions* will be available for opening depending on traffic levels. They may only be opened once all of the rostered positions are filled. Please see a member of the Board of Directors, or a C3 rated controller to be granted permission to open a non-standard position.

    Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
    SY_DEL Sydney Delivery 133.800
    SY_GND Sydney Ground 126.500
    SY_TWR Sydney Tower 120.500
    SY_APP Sydney Approach 124.400
    SY-D_APP* Sydney Director 126.100
    SY_DEP* Sydney Departures 123.000
    ML_DEL Melbourne Delivery 127.200
    ML_GND Melbourne Ground 121.700
    ML_TWR Melbourne Tower 120.500
    ML_APP Melbourne Approach 132.000
    ML_DEP* Melbourne Departures 118.900
    CB_GND Canberra Ground 121.700
    CB_TWR Canberra Tower 118.700
    CB_APP Canberra Approach 124.500
    ML-WOL_CTR Melbourne Centre 125.000
    ML-SNO_CTR Melbourne Centre 124.000
    ML-ELW_CTR* Melbourne Centre 123.750
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