Become a Visitor

Note 1: VATPAC and VATNZ have a standing agreement that controllers from either division may operate any position commensurate with their ranking within the airspace of both divisions. This agreement does not extend to visitors from outside the Oceania Region.

Note 2: VATPAC trains controllers from an S2 level. As such, for a visiting controller to receive approval, they must be S2 or above. 

In order to obtain Visiting Controller status with VATPAC, you are required to complete the appropriate VATPAC Moodle theoretical quiz, as well as an online practical assessment - similar to the requirements for a local rating upgrade. Members who completed their training locally but have since transferred out of VATPAC may have this requirement waived at the discretion of the Director ATC Training or his/her delegate.

You will only have to complete the highest relevant quiz to your rating, and you will be limited to controlling positions up to and including that rating. You should enrol yourself in the relevant ATC Academy course as soon as possible. Our applicable local procedures are available within the Moodle documentation, which can be accessed through the training website. Please also note there may be some differences in phraseology and local procedures. Feel free to enrol in multiple courses, as some of the material in lower-rating courses may be relevant, and are assumed knowledge for the higher courses. Other useful materials are vMATS (Manual of Air Traffic Services), as well as the local instructions (which provide aerodrome specific procedures and information) - these are available from the operations documents area of the website.

Once you have completed detailed self-study of the Moodle theory content, you may attempt the theory exam. Note that there is a one week study period between unsuccessful attempts.

Access to the exam can be obtained by emailing, once you meet the requirements and have completed sufficient self study of the material.

Upon successful completion of the exam, please email with your score, and answers to any incorrect questions.
You will then be placed in the queue for the practical assessment/verification with a VATPAC instructor, which is the last step before visiting controller status is granted.