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  • vatSys ATIS Abreviations

    Controllers: The following abbreviations can be used in the vatSys ATIS Editor to abbreviate the text ATIS and have the full text spoken in the ATIS audio. In addition to those below, vatSys also supports the standard weather abbreviations found in METARs.

    Pilots: Use the table below to interpret ATIS text abbreviations.

    Abbreviation Spoken
    ABV above
    ACFT aircraft
    APCH approach
    APRV approval
    ARR arrivals
    ARRS arrivals
    AVBL available
    BLW below
    BTN between
    CCT circuit
    CL centre line
    DEG degrees
    DEP departures
    DEPS departures
    DIR direction
    DLA delay
    DLAS delays
    DME D M E
    EIA expect instrument approach
    EXP expect
    FT feet
    FM from
    FREQ frequency
    GLS G L S
    HIAL high intensity approach lighting
    HIRL high intensity runway lighting
    HLDG holding
    ILS I L S
    INDEP independent
    INST instrument
    INSTR instrument
    LAHSO land and hold short operations
    LGT light
    MAX maximum
    MIN minimum
    MINS minutes
    MOD moderate
    NAVBL not available
    NDB N D B
    NE north east
    OPP opposite
    OPR operational
    OPS operations
    PARL parallel
    PDC pre departure clearance
    PROG progress
    RECIP reciprocal
    REQ request
    REQD required
    RNP R N P
    RWY runway
    RWYS runways
    rwynumberL AND R rwynumber left and right
    rwynumberL AND C rwynumber left and centre
    rwynumberC AND R rwynumber centre and right
    rwynumberL rwynumber left
    rwynumberR rwynumber right
    rwynumberC rwynumber centre
    SEV severe
    SIMUL simultaneous
    THRU through
    TRL transition level
    TURB turbulence
    TW tailwind
    TWY taxiway
    TWYS taxiways
    TIL until
    VOR V O R
    XW crosswind

    Replace rwynumber with the number of the runway (eg 19)

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