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  • Class D Towers with Procedural Approach Services (Procedural Tower)

    Some Class D towers provide procedural approach services and are referred to as "Procedural Towers". To provide a procedural approach service, the controller must have a procedural tower endorsement OR hold a VATSIM S3 rating. Additionally, to provide the procedural approach service and fit within VATSIM range limitations (50NM for Tower), multiple visibility centres may be required.

    See the Procedural Tower Policy for more information.

    For additional clarification, Class D Towers that do not provide a procedural approach service, do not require a procedural tower endorsement.

    Name of Position


    YMAY Albury
    YSTW Tamworth
    YCFS Coffs Harbour
    YBSU Sunshine Coast
    YBHM Hamilton Island
    YBAS Alice Springs
    YPKA Karratha
    YBRM Broome


    AYNZ Nazdab
    AYMD Madang
    AYMH Mt Hagen
    AYGA Goroka
    AYTK Tokua (Rabaul)


    NVVV Port Vila


    NWWW Noumea Tontuta
    NWWM Noumea Magenta
    NWWL Lifou


    List of Procedurally Endorsed S2 Controllers

    Procedural Tower Endorsements are now managed through the VATPAC Training Management System.  Click here for details.

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