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  • Manuals, Guides & LOA's

    Manual of Air Traffic Services Download
    Class G IFR Operations Guide Download
    Pacific Airspace Diagrams & Controller Positions Download
    Communication & Phraseology for Controllers & Pilots Download
    AVC Instructions  Download
    RAAFv Letter of Agreement Download

    Local Instructions

    Title Version  
    Adelaide Area 5.2 Download
    Brisbane Area 8.0 Download
    Cairns Area 6.2 Download
    Canberra Area 5.0 Download
    Melbourne Area 8.0 Download
    Perth Area 4.2 Download
    Sydney Area 6.6 Download

    Enroute Airspace Charts

    Detailed airspace information is now available on the IFR Enroute Charts now published via the Airservices Australia online AIP. The following links are not controlled and may change from time to time.  A full list of charts including Low Level Charts is available by following this link to AIP Charts.

    Title Version  
    Enroute High Chart 1 (ERCH 1) - Download
    Enroute High Chart 2 (ERCH 2) - Download
    Enroute High Chart 3 (ERCH 3) - Download
    Enroute High Chart 4 (ERCH 4) - Download
    Enroute High Chart 5 (ERCH 5) - Download

    Procedural Tower Airspace Diagrams

    Title Version  
    Appendix 1: Applicable Separation Standards 1.0 Download
    Alice Springs 4.0 Download
    Hamilton Island 3.0 Download
    Mackay 3.0 Download
    Rockhampton 3.0 Download
    Broome 3.0 Download
    Sunshine Coast 3.0 Download
    Coffs Harbour 3.0 Download
    Albury 4.0 Download
    Hobart 4.0 Download
    Launceston 4.0 Download
    Karratha 3.0 Download
    Tamworth 4.0 Download



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