Controller clients are used to provide PC based radar screens and communications, allowing controllers to manage traffic flows.

VATPAC supports two radar clients which allow the simulation of the Australian TAAATS system displays:

Note: The Euroscope TAAATSMod plugin is not compatible with Euroscope 3.2. The download link below is for the older Euroscope 3.1d

Getting Started

To use VRC: Install Virtual Radar Client (VRC) and then Audio For VATSIM.

To use Euroscope: Install using the Euroscope Installer instructions below (easiest and includes the latest sector files) OR install Euroscope 3.1d followed by TAAATSMod Plugin for Euroscope 3.1d and Audio For VATSIM.

Sector Files: Go to the sector file page to install the latest sectors files automatically or manually. The automatic update option is also available for the VATPAC Euroscope Package.

Both clients will require the Audio for Vatsim client in order to send and receive voice communications. You can download this here.

Euroscope Tutorial

Euroscope Installer (Includes the ATIS Files and Generator)

As most of you know, setting up Euroscope with the lovely TAAATSMod has always been quite challenging. 
VATPAC has put together a Euroscope package installer. This will do all the hard work in making the transition to EuroScope, installing TAAATSMod and all related files and more!

It includes:

  • Realistic Symbology
  • The latest AIRAC sector files
  • Pre-made profiles for all Centre positions and major aerodrome(TWR, GND, DEL) / TMA (APP, DEP, D_APP) positions.
  • Comm list (Frequencies and names).
  • ATIS Files and Generator program.
  • VATSIM login data can be pre-loaded into the profiles using the installer so you no longer have to enter them for each individual position.
  • And of course, TAAATSMod

This installer turns Euroscope and TAAATS from being a painful hour to setup with the hand of other controllers into a simple 1 minute process.

  1. Simply download the Euroscope 3.1d installer.
  2. Run the Euroscope 3.1d installer.
  3. Download the VATPAC Euroscope Package AIRAC2011  (Not the TAAATSMod plugin for Euroscope link above)
  4. Run the VATPAC Euroscope Package installer
  5. Install Audio For VATSIM

And now you are ready to control!!!