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10AUG2022 Alaska Talkeetna to Wilder


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This Weeks Flight for Wednesday 10th August 2022 takes us to Southern Alaska departing Talkeetna (PATK) flying over Lake Clark National Park and some challenging high mountain ranges arriving Wilder Runway Lic (PAKX) at Port Alsworth on Lake Clark. The flight plan takes in some very high peaks which may need some diversions.

NB: The destination airport is interesting, the town actually has two “unrelated” airfields with runways that parallel each other and each has a different airport identifier.

Port Alsworth Airfield (FAA TPO)(ICAO PALJ) is private GA airport owned by a Glen Alsworth Snr and dirt/gravel runways are 06L/24R with Lefthand pattern. This strip requires prior approval to land so we shall use the other strip as follows:

We will use the airfield called Wilder Runway Airport (FAA 05K) (ICAO PAKX) which is situated on the south side also a private GA airport owned by a David Wilder with dirt/gravel runways 06R Right hand pattern /24L Lefthand pattern. No prior permission required. It also has IAP RNAV GPS Runway 06R.

Both runways are depicted in XPlane and MSFS2020 so it will be interesting to see how this situation is represented in the various simulators.

Flight created YMA555

Scenery: Due to the plethora of flight sim programs now in use scenery is at the discretion of each pilot.

MSFS2020 users may wish to use the following for Port Alsworth    Port Alsworth  Despite advice in the download, PAKX has not been deactivated rather the default asphalt strip has been changed to the real dirt/gravel.

Comms: Tune Radio to 122.80MHz - Unless Advised by ATC or further detailed hereunder

Aircraft: Capable of 150kias

Flight Route: Download link

Weather: Real time weather, fair weather if conditions are not suitable for VFR Flying.

Flight Plan:(PATK-PAKX)< Just click on this link for Flight Plan for .fms and .pln





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