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29JUN2022 World Discovery Mexico City and surrounds


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This Weeks Flight for Wednesday 29th June 2022 takes us to Mexico departing Toluca (MMTO) flying over Mexico City and Maya/Toltec temples, extinct volcanoes (we hope!) arriving at Cuernavaca (MMCB also known as General Mariano Matamoros Airport).

This is a high altitude VFR flight and includes a VFR route over Mexico City and within MMMX airspace so attention must be paid to altitude limits as detailed on this link Visual Approach Chart. The altitudes circled in red are the maximum VFR altitudes permitted. This chart details helicopter routes around the airspace and is the only VFR chart that I could locate and was kindly provided by Eduardo Gutierrez of VATMEX.

Flight created by YMA555

Scenery: Due to the plethora of flight sim programs now in use scenery is at the discretion of each pilot. At times the flight author might include links for addon MSFS2020 as that is what he uses personally.

MSFS2020  Mayan/Toltec Temple Ruins  https://flightsim.to/file/731/city-of-teotihuacan

Irrespective of what scenery you choose to use it is always strongly recommended to run your sim to check that the scenery works and does not cause any CTD or other issues.

Aircraft: Capable of 120 kias    A Cessna 172 can do it but it require some detours around mountains and would be working very hard. Due to high altitude and rarified atmosphere and some fast climbs being required a turbo charged aircraft is recommended i.e. Quest Kodiak, Twotter or PC-6.

Comms: Tune Radio to 122.80MHz - Unless Advised by ATC or further detailed hereunder

Flight Route:  Details

Weather: Real time weather, fair weather if conditions are not suitable for VFR Flying.

Flight Plan:(MMTO-MMCB)< Just click on this link for Flight Plan for .fms and .pln





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