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10JUL22 | Watts Bridge to Southport



Simulation Date/Time: Current date set to daylight.

Weather: Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations.
If not using live weather, please be mindful of others who are using live weather and will be taking off and landing into the wind.

Distance: 119 nm

Est Flight Time: Approx 75 min

Aircraft: Cessna 172 or similar aircraft capable of 100-110 kias.

Altitude: Remain in Class G airspace. See waypoint notes below.

Flight plan


GPS flight plan is available for FSX/P3D .pln, MFS2020 .pln, X-Plane .fms and Little Navmap.

Navigation: Pilots are encouraged to navigate visually. For those less familiar the GPS flight plan is the recommended method of navigation.


Australia uses CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) for radio comms at uncontrolled airfields. During an event, Pilots are requested to broadcast intentions on the published CTAF. Pilots should also be aware that it is a VATSIM CoC (Code of Conduct) requirement that all pilots at uncontrolled airfields should monitor UNICOM on 122.800. Pilots should ensure that at least one of their radios (COM 2 being the most likely) is tuned to receive UNICOM transmissions in addition to transmitting and receiving on the published CTAF.

Pilots also should read this post regarding the implications of using VATSIM UNICOM for CTAF. It provides some insight into potential pitfalls for the unwary when monitoring 122.80 in a CTAF environment.



Due to the plethora of simulation platforms now being used, scenery is left to the discretion of each pilot. Updated X-Plane scenery is available here (this includes Kagaru which is not in default X-Plane).


Flight details

    elev: 300
    rwy: 03/21 12L/30R 12R/30L grass [RH circuits RWY 12R and 30R. Contra circuits.]
    CTAF: 127.3

    Tune DME to Amberley TACAN (AMB 108.1)

    Not above 4500 ft within 35 DME AMB.

  • ESK overfly not above 4500 ft - visual along Kilcon-Esk Road
  • LAKE CLARENDON [LKON] overfly not above 4500 ft - visual along Gatton-Esk Road
  • GATTON AIRPARK [YGAS] T&G - visual along Gatton-Esk Road
    elev: 460
    rwy: 01/19 dirt
    CTAF: 126.7

  • THORNTON [TORN] overfly:
    - Visual along the railway and Mulgowie Road - not above 2500 ft within 20 DME AMB if following these roads; OR
    - Direct track H-143° D-15 nm, not above 4500 ft.

  • PALM MEADOWS [PLW} overfly not above 4500 ft - visual along Surveyors Creek (direct track H-163° D-13 nm)
  • LAKE MOOGERAH [LOOH] overfly not above 4500 ft - visual along the Cunningham Highway
  • BOONAH [YBOA] T&G - visual along Mount Alford Road
    elev: 330
    rwy: 04/22 grass
    CTAF: 122.75

    Tune DME to Brisbane VOR/DME (BN 113.2)

    Not above 7500 ft within 40 DME BN.

  • WYARALONG DAM overfly not above 7500 ft - visual along Beaudesert-Boonah Road 
  • KAGARU [YKGU] T&G - visual along Teviot Brook
    elev: 158
    rwy: 18/36 grass
    CTAF: 126.7

    Not above 4500 ft within 30 DME BN.

  • JIMBOOMBA overfly not above 4500 ft - visual along the Logan River

    Not above 7500 ft beyond 30 DME BN.

  • TAMBORINE VILLAGE overfly not above 7500 ft - H-111° D-6.8 nm
  • NORTH TAMBORINE overfly not above 6500 ft - visual along Tamborine Mountain Road
  • OXENFORD [OFD] overfly not above 3500 ft - visual along Tamborine-Oxenford Road

    All Southport arrivals from the west. Join circuit mid downwind.

  • SOUTHPORT [YSPT] Land - track over Coombabah Lake
    elev: 5
    rwy: 01/19 asphalt [RH circuit RWY 19]
    CTAF: 119.0





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