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08Sept2021 World Discovery Danube Main and Rhine Rivers scenic flight


VFR Operations
Daniel Mckee

Event details



This Weeks Flight on 8th Sept 2021 commences a 5 leg flight following the rivers Danube, Main (canal) and Rhine from Budapest Hungary to Lelystad (North of Amsterdam, Holland). The flight is based upon a scenic river cruise completed some years ago by the flight author.

Leg 1 departs Budapest Hungary (LHBP) and follows the Danube river and will arrive at Wien Schwechat Austria (LOWW). LOWW can be a very busy International Airport however it does accept GA aircraft of all sizes. Please note that whatever runway is in use, the GA parking is at the western end of the airport. A link to airport diagram is attached hereunder. Please also keep this in mind when spawning at LOWW for Leg 2.

LOWW GA Parking Diagram

LOWW Airport Diagram

Flight suggested by Dan McKee YMA555

Scenery Suggested: Due to the plethora of flight sim programs now in use scenery is left to the discretion of each pilot.

Aircraft Suggested: Capable of 12-150 kias

Comms: Unicom 122.80 unless instructed by ATC

Flight Details LINK

Weather: Real time weather, fair weather if conditions are not suitable.

Flight Plan:(LHBP-LOWW)< Just click on this link for Flight Plan for FSX, P3D and XP11



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