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15AUG21 | Slotmania Sydney


Event details



Welcome to the next rendition of one of VATPAC's most popular events, Slotmania. This time featuring Sydney Kingsford Smith as the host airport! Fly in or out of Sydney to a selection of destinations that the aerodrome provides services for along the infamous J-Curve as we put pilots and controllers alike to the test! Looking for a challenge? This event is for you!

Event Details:
Slotmania is designed to test both pilots and controllers as we try to keep to a tight schedule! With slots separated by minutes, our goal is to get pilots airborne at slot time and land at their touchdown times.

Throughout this event, ATC will be tasked with keeping appropriate separations standards whilst pilots move around the TMA and ground, joining the arrival and departure streams. The challenge is to keep Sydney busy for the entire event! We can only do that with heaps and heaps of pilots!

Booking System:
To book your flight(s), please visit the booking site.


Aircraft slots have been created to push pilots and controllers to the limit. One month prior to the event (08JUL21), slots will be opened for booking. Pilots may select more than one slot to book if their arrival or departure slot times do not overlap.

Once your slot(s) is booked, and flights are confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please read over this to ensure the information is correct.

Bookings will close two days before the event (06AUG21 @ 1000z), unless booked out before this date.

Important Pilot Information:
- Please ensure you log on at least 20 minutes prior to your slot time.
- Please ensure you are using your assigned route, these routes are based on real-world. If you cannot use your assigned route, please email 
[email protected] or converse with Delivery on the day.
- Please be courteous; if for some reason you miss your slot, we will endeavour to fit you in.
- If you decide to fly without a slot we will do our best to fit you in, however there may be lengthy delays.


Pilots with bookings will receive their route within the confirmation email.
We recommend the following routes between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for aircraft without a booking.


Controllers who wish to control during this event are encouraged to submit their ATC applications 
here. Applications will remain open until three days before the event (5AUG21), after which the roster will be released and available for viewing.

Non-Standard positions are denoted with an (*) beside the callsign and will only be opened if sufficient controller applications are received. Please see a member of the Board of Directors, or a C3 rated controller to be granted permission to open a non-standard position on the day.

Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
SY_DEL Sydney Delivery 133.800
SY_GND Sydney Ground 126.500
SY_TWR Sydney Tower 120.500
SY_APP Sydney Approach 124.400
SY-D_APP* Sydney Director 126.100
SY_DEP* Sydney Departures 123.000
BN-MDE_CTR Brisbane Centre 133.000
ML-WOL_CTR Melbourne Centre 125.000

Scenery List:

YSSY - Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport
Payware - FlyTampa (FSX / P3D / MSFS)
Freeware - Robert Catherall (FSX / P3D)
Freeware - ISDG (X-Plane)

YBBN - Brisbane Airport
Payware - ORBX (P3D v4+)
Freeware - Ray Smith (FSX)
Freeware - Ants Aussie Airports (P3D / FSX) *MISSING RWY 01L/19R* 
Freeware - CDG (X-Plane)

YMML - Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
Payware - ORBX (P3D / FSX)
Freeware - Robert Catehrall (P3D / FSX)
Freeware - ISDG (X-Plane)


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