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14JUL21 World Discovery Tour de France Leg 13


VFR Operations
Daniel Mckee

Event details



The author has been requested to formulate flights following the route of the Tour de France Bicycle race however the race comprises some 18+ stages which are too many to fly. Rather the author will select a few stages that may comprise other interesting scenery (depending on your simulation program).

This Weeks Flight on 14th July 2021 includes stage 13 of the Tour de France and will include some scenery highlights depending upon simulator being used.. The plan starts at Nimes (LFTW) and then south to Arles overflying the famous Roman Amphitheatre in the middle of town. The flight will fly back to the city of Nimes to overfly another Roman Amphitheatre and then join the actual starting point for Tour de France on outskirts of Nimes. The flight concludes at Salvaza (LFMK) which is the airport servicing Carcassone a large medieval fortified city. It will be well worth downloading Carcassone scenery for MSFS2020 and X-Plane 11.

The flight plan is general and does not follow every twist and turn so try and fly it manually.

Flight suggested by Dan McKee YMA555

Scenery Suggested:

X-Plane 11 LFMK includes the old city

MSFS2020 The Old City (not the airport)

This file has numerous french airports including LFMK

Aircraft Suggested: Slow and low type . Any capable 120 kias

Comms: Unicom 122.80 unless instructed by ATC

Flight Details:  LINKLink

Weather: Real time weather, fair weather if conditions are not suitable.

Flight Plan:(LFTW-LFMK)< Just click on this link for Flight Plan for FSX, P3D and XP11

Picture shows legs 12, 13 and 14..we are only flying Leg 13




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