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02JUL21 | Goondiwindi to Watts Bridge


VFR Operations
David Bromage


It's the weekend of the Brisbane Airshow and our group will fly in to enjoy the action.
Note: the real world Brisbane Airshow has been postponed to October, so we may visit Watts Bridge again!

Simulation Date/Time: Current date set to daylight.

Weather: Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations.
If not using live weather, please be mindful of others who are using live weather and will be taking off and landing into the wind.

Distance: 184 nm

Est Flight Time: approx 75 mins

Aircraft: Any GA aircraft capable of 140-160 kias and landing on an 800m grass runway.

Altitude: Remain in class G airspace. See waypoint notes below.

Flight plan

GPS flight plan is available for FSX/P3D .pln, MFS2020 .pln, X-Plane .fms and Little Navmap. This package includes high res charts.

Navigation: Pilots are encouraged to navigate visually. For those less familiar the accompanying GPS flight plan is the recommended method of navigation.


Australia uses CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) for radio comms at uncontrolled airfields. During an event, Pilots are requested to broadcast intentions on the published CTAF. Pilots should also be aware that it is a VATSIM CoC (Code of Conduct) requirement that all pilots at uncontrolled airfields should monitor UNICOM on 122.800. Pilots should ensure that at least one of their radios (COM 2 being the most likely) is tuned to receive UNICOM transmissions in addition to transmitting and receiving on the published CTAF.

Pilots also should read this post regarding the implications of using VATSIM UNICOM for CTAF. It provides some insight into potential pitfalls for the unwary when monitoring 122.80 in a CTAF environment.



Due to the plethora of simulation platforms now being used, scenery is left to the discretion of each pilot. Updated X-Plane 11 scenery is available for Wyreema in OzXP and for other airports.


Flight details

    elev: 714
    rwy: 04/22 asphalt
    rwy: 12/30 clay/gravel
    CTAF: 126.7

  • YELARBON overfly not above 8500 ft - visual along the Cunningham Highway or railway
  • INGLEWOOD [YILW] T&G - visual along the Cunningham Highway not above 8500 ft
    elev: 933
    rwy: 06/24 asphalt
    rwy: 08/26 grass
    CTAF: 126.7

  • MILLMERRAN [YMMN] T&G - visual along the Millmerran-Inglewood Road not above 8500 ft
    elev: 1312
    rwy: 13/31 asphalt
    CTAF: 126.7

  • BROOKSTEAD overfly not above 8500 ft - visual along the Gore Highway
  • PITTSWORTH [YPWH] T&G - visual along the Gore Highway not above 8500 ft
    elev: 1690
    rwy: 02/20 asphalt [RH circuit RWY 02.]
    CTAF: 126.7

  • SOUTHBROOK [YSOB] T&G - visual along the railway not above 8500 ft
    elev: 1532
    rwy: 01/19 dirt
    CTAF: 127.65

  • WYREEMA [YWYR] T&G - visual along the railway not above 8500 ft
    elev: 1750
    rwy: 09/27 gravel [All circuits to the south.]
    CTAF: 127.65

    Remain on CTAF 127.65 until past Stockyard Creek.

  • STOCKYARD CREEK overfly not above 8500 ft - track east between Mt Campbell and Mt Ridgley
  • MOUNT WHITESTONE overfly not above 8500 ft - track east until reaching the Gatton-Clifton Road
  • MA MA CREEK CHURCH overfly not above 8500 ft - visual along the Gatton-Clifton Road
  • GATTON AIRPARK [YGAS] T&G - visual along Tenthill Creek Road
    elev: 460
    rwy: 01/19 dirt [RH circuit RWY 19]
    CTAF: 126.7

  • GATTON GOLF COURSE overfly not above 8500 ft - H-033° D-2.3 nm

    Tune DME to Amberley TACAN (AMB 118.3)

  • LAKE CLARENDON [LKON] overfly not above 8500 ft H-028° D-5.4 nm

    Not above 1500 ft within 20 DME AMB.

  • LOWOOD GOLF COURSE overfly not above 1500 ft H-069° D-12.3 nm
  • FERNVALE [FVL] overfly not above 1500 ft H-077° D-4 nm
  • WIVENHOE DAM WALL [WHDW] overfly not above 1500 ft visual along the Brisbane Valley Highway

    Track over Lake Wivenhoe. After 20 DME AMB, aircraft may climb to not above 4500 ft.

  • WATTS BRIDGE [YWSG] Land - visual over Lake Wivenhoe
    elev: 300
    rwy: 03/21 12L/30R 12R/30L grass [RH circuits RWY 12R and 30R. Vacate 12L/30R at ends only.]
    CTAF: 127.3

Due to image size limitations, only low res charts are included here. High res VTC is included in the GPS flight plan package.






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