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16JUN21 World Discovery Leg 2 Chateaus Loire Valley France


VFR Operations
Daniel Mckee



This Weeks Flight on 16th June 2021 finds us in France where we will conclude the last of two legs flying in the Loire Valley sightseeing numerous castles and chateaus in the region.

Flight suggested by Dan McKee YMA555

Scenery Suggested: The flight has been designed around scenery available for MSFS2020 Flightsim.to however quite a few chateaus and castles are available for X-Plane.


Megapack Loire Castles

LFEF Amboise Dierre

LFFI Ancenis

X-Plane 11

Loire Castles for X-Plane

Aircraft Suggested: Any capable of 120kias Low and slow.

Comms: Unicom 122.80 unless instructed by ATC

Flight Details: LINK

Weather: Real time weather, fair weather if conditions are not suitable.

Flight Plan:(Flight Plans)< Just click on this link for Flight Plan for .FMS, .PLN and .PLG



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