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14MAY21 | Mackay to Hamilton Island via Whitsunday Islands


VFR Operations
David Bromage


Simulation Date/Time: Current date set to daylight.

Weather: Real World / Fair weather if real world is unsuitable for VFR operations.
If not using live weather, please be mindful of others who are using live weather and will be taking off and landing into the wind.

Distance: 126 nm

Est Flight Time: approx 75 mins

Aircraft: Any "low and slow" GA aircraft capable of 100 kias.

Altitude: Remain in class G airspace as far as possible. See waypoint notes and charts below.

Flight plan


GPS flight plan is available for FSX/P3D .pln, MFS2020 .pln, X-Plane .fms and Little Navmap. This package includes high resolution charts.

Navigation: Pilots sufficiently familiar with the region may navigate visually. For those less familiar the accompanying GPS flight plan is the recommended method of navigation.


Australia uses CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) for radio comms at uncontrolled airfields. During an event, Pilots are requested to tune the CTAF as stated in the flight details. Pilots should also be aware that it is a VATSIM CoC (Code of Conduct) requirement that all pilots at uncontrolled airfields should monitor UNICOM on 122.800. Pilots should ensure that at least one of their radios (COM 2 being the most likely) is tuned to receive UNICOM transmissions in addition to transmitting and receiving on the published CTAF.

Pilots also should read this post regarding the implications of using VATSIM UNICOM for CTAF. It provides some insight into potential pitfalls for the unwary when monitoring 122.80 in a CTAF environment.



Due to the plethora of simulation platforms now being used, scenery is left to the discretion of each pilot. X-Plane 11 scenery for Keswick Island (YKSI) is available here.

Flight details
Note: some islands not listed below have seaplane lanes and helipads. Seaplanes and helicopters may T&G at pilot's discretion.

  • MACKAY [YBMK] Takeoff
    elev: 19
    rwy: 14/32 asphalt
    TWR/CTAF: 124.5
    VOR/DME: MK 112.7
    NDB: MK 308

  • SLADE POINT [SLPT] overfly not above 1000 ft or as directed by ATC - H-010° D-6.8 nm from MK VOR
  • KESWICK ISLAND [YKSI] T&G - H-043° D-14.1 nm
    elev: 7
    rwy: 14/32 asphalt
    CTAF: 126.7

  • BRAMPTON ISLAND [YBPI] T&G - H-303° D-10.7 nm
    elev: 37
    rwy: 14/32 asphalt
    CTAF: 126.7

  • GOLDSMITH ISLAND [GOI] overfly not above 3500 ft - H-307° D-10.2 nm
    ** Inbound reporting point**
    If Hamilton Island TWR (118.7) is active and if above 1000 ft, contact for clearance into the class D airspace and advise intentions for Lindeman Island. Descend as instructed. Confirm with TWR before changing frequency to area CTAF.
    If Hamilton Island TWR is not active, broadcast intentions for Lindeman Island on CTAF 127.85 overhead Goldsmith Island. 

  • LINDEMAN ISLAND [YLIN] T&G - H-328° D-15.1 nm
    elev: 110
    rwy: 14/32 18/36 grass
    CTAF: 127.85

    Not above 1000 ft until abeam Maher Island, or as directed by ATC.
    Not above 2500 ft until abeam Nicholson Island.

  • EDWARD ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE overfly not above 8500 ft - H-0238° D-14.2 nm
  • DELORAINE ISLAND overfly not above 8500 ft - H-307° D-7.8 nm
  • HOOK ISLAND UNDERWATER OBSERVATORY overfly not above 1500 ft - H-262° D-7.1 nm
  • PINNACLE POINT LIGHTHOUSE overfly not above 3500 ft - H-360° D-5.8 nm
  • HAYMAN ISLAND [YHYN} overfly not above 3500 ft - H-248° D-4.7 nm
    CTAF: 127.85

  • DOUBLE CONE ISLAND [DCIS] overly not above 3500 ft - H-262° D-9.5 nm
    ** Inbound reporting point**

    If Hamilton Island TWR (118.7) is active, contact for clearance into the class D airspace. Descend as instructed. Do not proceed past South Molle Island until given circuit instructions.
    If Hamilton Island TWR is not active, broadcast intentions on CTAF 127.85 overhead Double Cone Island. 

  • HAMILTON ISLAND [YBHM] Land - H-131° D-20 nm
    elev: 15
    rwy: 14/32 asphalt
    TWR: 118.7
    CTAF (if TWR not active): 127.85

Due to image size limitations, only low resolution charts are included below. High resolution charts are included in the GPS flight plan package.



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