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WorldFlight 2020


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WorldFlight 2020

It's that time of year again!  


What is WorldFlight?

WorldFlight is one of the longest running events on VATSIM to date. It's a week long event with plenty of aircraft who make their way from Sydney, around the world and back again, all in the name of charity. Aircraft will depart Sydney on the 1st at 8:00am AEDT (2100z) and arrive a week later on the 7th at 8:35pm AEDT (0935z). With full ATC along the way, all VATSIM members are invited along to join in from home. 

For more information on WorldFlight or to make a donation, please head to the WorldFlight website. 



ATC requirements

Although World Flight has a team of Global controllers to mange the traffic on the legs outside of for the rest of the world, who may not have the active controllers to manage the traffic, VATPAC is looking for controllers available for the departure and arrival days to manage the traffic within our airspace.


ATC applications 

To apply for ATC please find the applications page below.






Pilot Briefings

Pilot briefings will be provided on the above links and throughout NOTAM's on the forums. Please keep your eyes peeled! 



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