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  • What is all this about?

    VATPAC is part of the world-wide VATSIM.net network of online air traffic control.  The network allows pilots using flight simulator software and controllers using air traffic control software to interact and create a realistic online simulation of aviation.  VATPAC is the VATSIM Australia-Pacific Division, we manage the airspace in Australia and the South Pacific islands, except New Zealand, which is managed  by our sister division VATNZ.  Together VATPAC and VATNZ make up the VATSIM Oceania Region. 

    How do I join?

    First visit VATSIM.net and go through the sign up process.  To join us at the end of the sign up process select VATOCE as your region and VATPAC as your division.  Once you have completed this process you should receive two emails.  One will be from VATSIM giving you your VATSIM ID and your password, the other will be from VATPAC welcoming you to the division.  Once you have those two emails you should be good to go.

    Who pays for this?

    The entire network is provided by the generous donation of a large number of sponsors.  This is why VATSIM has a number of rules in place to prevent misuse of the bandwidth our donors provide us.  While these rules may seem restrictive, or outdated many of them are required as part of the  long term agreements we have with the people who provide the hardware and bandwidth we require to operate the network.

    Do I have to pay anything?

    No, not a cent.

    How do I connect to the network?

    When you join up you will receive an email from VATSIM membership which will give you your VATSIM ID and password.  Use these to connect to the network using pilot or controller software.  The download links for the various software packages are elsewhere on the site.  Some software asks for a certificate, this is your VATSIM ID. 

    What do I need to do to become an online Air Traffic Controller (ATC)?

    To become an rated Air Traffic Controller you need to complete some training.  This training is provided by VATPAC and includes an online self-directed training course, a theory exam and a practical exam.  Training is provided in a graduated rating system that includes specific training for Tower, Approach and Enroute.  To access training and begin preparing for ATC, please visit the Training Department section of our website.

    The software is asking for a callsign, where do I find this?

    For controllers the callsign is the position you will be operating, these are detailed on the Operations pages of the website. You will also learn these during the ATC Training programme. To connect as an Observer the usual custom is to use your initials followed by the suffix _OBS.  To connect as a pilot you can use any callsign appropriate.  This can be the registration of the aircraft you are flying, a registration based on your initials, or an airline flight number callsign.

    I have lost my password, can you retrieve it for me.

    No we can't.  These membership issues are managed centrally by VATSIM.net membership.  You can visit the Membership Dashboard pages on the VATSIM.net website and deal with these yourself.

    How do I install xPilot/vPilot/VRC/EuroScope/vatSys?

    Each of the software packages has it's own installation requirements.  Most are detailed in the package, and for help by far the best place are our forums, where there are detailed guides for most packages and plenty of people who can assist you. VRC and EuroScope will require the additional Audio For Vatsim client which can be found here.

    I don't like using forums, why do I have to use them?

    You don't have to, but frankly you should.  The network is a community and the forums are the main meeting place and information resource of the community.  By not participating you will miss out on a great deal of assistance, as well as news and information about upcoming events.

    What is Discord and how do I join?

    Since 2019 Discord has replaced our previous TeamSpeak 3 server. To join, report moderation or connection issues head over to discord.vatpac.org. You will also need a discord account which can be created here.

    Why does it take so long for me to get answers to my questions or a response to a request?

    Because the network is operated and maintained by an army of volunteers, not full time paid staff.  The people running the network have other demands on their time, family, friends, work, study etc.  These need to be balanced with one another.  Please be patient

    Why are there so many rules?

    There are three main documents that govern how the network operates.  They are the User Agreement (UA), the Code of Regulations (CoR), and the Code of Conduct(CoC).  You agree to all three of them when you sign up.  Simply put a worldwide network of volunteer hobbyists could not function without a decent set of rules.  They look complicated and legalistic, but on the whole they work.  The main thing that should b e kept in mind at all times is that VATSIM is an environment that encourages respect, learning and enjoyment.  Treat everyone you meet on the network with respect and courtesy and you'll have a great time and never run foul of the rules.  As the Irish say, there are no strangers, just friends we haven't met yet. 

    Who made Supervisors (SUPS) the boss of everyone?

    The network supervisors fulfil a very important role in ensuring the network functions smoothly.  They are charged with helping settle disputes by mediation before they get out of hand.  Only rarely are they required to impose sanctions on members, and almost always only after fair warning has been given first.  At all times comply with the directions of a SUP, failing to respect them is in itself a serious breach of the CoC.  If you think a SUP has made an error in dealing with you, please detail all conversations and chat logs and forward them to the VATPAC staff for action, do not continue to argue the point with the SUP, just follow their instructions and comply with their requests.

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