American Flight Airlines

American Flight Airways

AFA management welcomes you to one of the more realistic yet simple virtual airlines on the internet. Founded in November 1996, we are one of the oldest truly virtual airlines still in continuous operation to this day. AFA operates routes throughout the US and the rest of the world through our 6 state-of-the-art hubs in the USA: Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix and Washington DC. Furthermore we offer our pilots a wealth of flights in the southern hemisphere, thanks to our International Divisions: AFA Australia and AFA Latin America.

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Cathay Pacific Virtual is a community of Virtual Aviation enthusiasts from around the world with over 500 flights scheduled, giving our members the opportunity to fly to the 4 corners of the earth with Cathay Pacific VA.

Australian Virtual Airline Group


Established in 2008, Australia Virtual Airline Group was put together by a group of enthusiasts that wanted the choice to fly multiple aircraft and airlines but to be able to stay in the one Virtual Airline. This is where the idea came to bring all the Australian Airlines together in one home. At Australian Virtual Airline Group we provide an environment where individuals can learn about the principles of flying for an airline to a fairly advanced level.

Compass Airlines


Compass is a Australian & New Zealand based Virtual Airline seeking to replicate the varied operations of a major airline. We cover a wide variety of operations from long haul international flights based out of Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific, South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe Africa and the Americas, right down to short regional hops. We also have a fully developed domestic routes along major trunk routes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Two allied divisions, Compass Express and Compass Logistics provide regional and cargo services.

Jetstar Virtual

Jetstar Virtual is a group of virtual aviation enthusiasts replicating the operations of Jetstar Airways. As a VATSIM and VATPAC virtual airline, we strive for the highest realism possible in a flight simulation environment. Using concepts and protocols from the real world we are able to piece together a fun, yet accurate experience for all our flight crew.

Noble Air

Noble Air is a virtual airline made up of Aviation Enthusiasts flying all over the virtual world in Flight Simulator. Noble Air caters for all types of flying including set Assigned Airline Flights, Simulated Charter Flights, Challenge Flights and Air Races. Noble Air exists in all 4 corners of the globe in the way of Hubs creating a strong local community along with the backing of the Noble Global community.

Qantas Virtual Airways (QVA)

QVA is the oldest QANTAS-based Virtual Airline on the Internet, having been running for over 16 years. With over 1100+ flights Schedules to choose from including domestic, international, freight and historical routes, and numerous downloadable FSX & FS2004 models to use in Qantas ,QantasLink, Jetstar livery.

RAAF Virtual

RAAF Virtual is a volunteer run group comprised of civilian, active duty, and overseas (worldwide) participants making a total force of some of the best pilots ever to take to the virtual skies. We are one of the most active Military Virtual Airlines on VATSIM. We fly flight operations in Australia, New Zealand and all over the world. This organization mirrors our real world counterpart, and pays homage to the men and women who serve with the Australian Defence Force.

Trans-Australia Aviation Group

Trans-Australia Aviation Group was founded in February 2010 by Dave Hayes and has developed and is known as the acronym TAAG. TAAG was formed to replicate real world airliners so pilot’s could fly routes and accumulate hours all in the ONE home flying a magnitude of varying airframes in many different liveries and countries. TAAG are solely here for the enjoyment for our members.

VeeOz Virtual Airlines

A Virtual Airline comprises a group of like-minded individuals who use computer-based flight simulation to imitate the real world operations of modern or historic airlines. This global online community encompasses over 50,000 virtual pilots who each contribute to generate a realistic simulation environment.

VeeOz Virtual Airlines has positioned itself as an important part of the international flight simulator community allowing it's members to embrace and mirror the day-to-day practices of a professional airline pilot.

An experienced team of virtual airline employees brings an exciting and highly professional approach to virtual flying.

VeeOz Virtual Airlines pilots utilise only the best available payware simulation models and flight planning software to allow the most realistic, professional simulation experience possible. All crew are required to own and use the excellent flight planning package Professional Flight Planner X which is fully supported by our operations department. Our operating philosophy is firmly built around professionalism and good airmanship.