Slotmania events are designed to test the time management skills of both pilots and ATC.

Via VATPAC's dedicated Slotmania booking system, pilots are invited to book specific departure or arrival slots (or both!) between a selected city pair. It's up to the pilots to be ready for pushback at their booked time or just as in the real world, you might be waiting a while before ATC have another slot available for you.

Same goes for arrivals. If you're either early or late, expect ATC to place you in a hold until they can accommodate you.

Slomania events come in 3 main varieties.

* Departure Slotmania events involve booking a departure slot and departing on time to any destination

* Arrival Slotmania events involve booking an arrival slot from any destination, and arriving on time

* Turnaround Slotmania events involve booking and arrival slot from any destination, booking a departure slot to any destination, and departing on time

Of course, there are subtle variations to each of these that we introduce from time to time just to mix it up a little.

Slotmania bookings are normally available to book up to 10 days prior to the event.

Check the VATPAC Events Calendar for Scenery suggestions and Routes for the week.