Long Haul. The name says it all.

Our long haul events are tailored specifically to those who enjoy the unique challenges that long flights present. With the functionality available to multi crew via a shared cockpit over the internet whilst on the VATSIM network, long haul events are increasing in demand.

Long Haul events are often conducted in coordination with VATSIM regions from around the globe which provides a truly rich experience with full local ATC services available.

Some popular regular long haul events include Cross the Pond, Cross the Ditch and some one-off events have included recreating the record breaking 747-400 flight non-stop from London to Sydney.

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming event in 2016 that will be a series of long haul events tracking the the Arctic Tern as it makes it's way along the world's longest bird migration.

Check the VATPAC Events Calendar for Scenery suggestions and Routes for the week.