aloha all

i checked it out and it works perfectly well - no more crashes

even on the critical ORBX spots (i had crashes during wf2011 all over the places - always on app)

you can download both the full installer or only the dll file FOR FREE!
and you don't even need to get a registered version - the fix works just like that 

Those Who Have g3d.dll Crashes in FSX
FSX users who have suffered g3d.dll crashes should stop everything and read this thread on the Avsim forums.
Then read the parent thread if you want some background. (Maybe start around page 17.)

Pete Dowson has a workaround in a new update build of the FSUIPC.dll that seems to stave off a sequence of bad pointers that normally results in a CTD. 
Happy users are doing loops and barrel rolls over Aerosoft and Orbx sceneries. YBBN, PNW, etc - Aerosoft EBBR, LOWI and others...

download FREE here:

With luck - and Pete's dedication - this may help to reduce the number of CTDs that many of us encounter.

If you haven't used FSUIPC before, please do so now. Pete has graciously placed this workaround in the free-to-use area of FSUIPC.

As a personal aside, if you haven't yet paid to become a registered user of FSUPIC - and if you are financially able to - I think now would be a good time to see if you can do so.

hope this will 'cure' your issues as well.
read the hint for do's and don'ts - settings etc.

with a warm aloha