Teamspeak Policy

VATPAC Teamspeak Policy


Director Division

Effective Date

15 July 2016

Review Date

15 July 2017


VATPAC Staff: For the purpose of this document the term “VATPAC Staff” shall refer to any member holding elevated privileges within the VATPAC Teamspeak Server.

Ban: The term Ban shall refer to any disciplinary action that involves the removal and subsequent denial of login privileges from the VATPAC Teamspeak Server. Such a ban does not extend to the broader VATSIM Network. Users subject to such an exclusion found to be attempting to circumvent such a ban by using different profiles or other techniques may have their ban extended without warning


This document outlines the terms of use of the VATPAC Teamspeak Server and the mechanism by which the VATPAC Board may take disciplinary action against users found in breach of this policy, other VATPAC Policy (or indeed any VATSIM Policy) while using the VATPAC Teamspeak Server.

Discussion within the Teamspeak Server should at all times be made relevant to the objectives of conducting virtual aviation on the VATSIM network.  Off-topic discussion should be kept private to avoid distraction and inconvenience of other users. 

1. Application of Code of Conduct

1.1 The VATSIM CoC applies to all users of this service at all times. Anyone found in breach of these rules may be removed.

1.2 The VATPAC Teamspeak server enforces idle connection time limits on some channels. The use of methods to circumvent these limits is prohibited. Users connected and idle for excessive periods of time will be managed similar to VATSIM Code of Conduct A14.

2. Entry to TeamSpeak Server

2.1 To gain access to the VATPAC TeamSpeak Server you MUST be;

(a) An active VATSIM Member, and

(b) An active VATPAC Member OR Active VATPAC Affiliated VA Member (for access to VA Channels)

(c) Of good character as determined by the VATPAC Board of Directors

(d) Guests may be admitted at the discretion of VATPAC Directors

3. File Uploads

3.1 File uploads must be small and immediately relevant to online flying. The server has upload limits for individuals and all uploads are logged.

3.2 Files uploaded to the server may be periodically cleaned by VATPAC Staff.

4. Infractions

4.1 The following disciplinary actions have been approved by the Board and may be applied by any VATPAC Staff Member:

4.1.1 Swearing:

(a) First offence: Verbal warning or up to 24 hour ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server.

(b) Second offence: One (1) month ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server

(c) Third offence: Permanent ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server

4.1.2 Bullying:

(a) First offence: Up to One (1) month ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server

(b) Second offence: Permanent ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server

4.1.3 Abuse / Harassment:

(a) First offence: Up to One (1) month ban as determined by VATPAC Staff member.

(b) Second offence: Permanent ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server.

4.1.4 Inappropriate, obscene or disruptive behaviour as determined by VATPAC staff:

(a) First offence: Up to One (1) month ban as determined by VATPAC Staff member

(b) Second offence: Three (3) month ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server

(c) Third offence: Permanent ban from VATPAC TeamSpeak server

4.1.5 Idle connections for excessive periods

(a) First offence: Removal from server

(b) Second offence: 24 hour ban

(c) Subsequent offences: Up to One (1) month ban.

5. Permanent Bans

From time to time, members may be subject to permanent suspension from the VATPAC TS Server.  This permanent ban may be reviewed by the VATPAC Board at the request of the member after no less than 12 months of that ban has been observed.  To apply for such a review, the member should make an appeal to Director of Division at detailing the nature of the original offense, demonstrating any evidence or character references that may support the appeal and make a submission as to why the permanent ban should be lifted.

The VATPAC Board shall as it's discretion, review the permanent ban either via internal discussion or at the next schedule quarterly board meeting.


  • All Teamspeak infractions will be recorded within the VATPAC Staff forum
  • Any VATPAC Staff member may apply the above policies
  • Permanent bans, once initiated, must be approved by a VATPAC Director within 14 days of the ban in order for it to remain in effect
  • Logging on, or attempting to log on to the VATPAC Teamspeak server whilst banned may result in the original ban being extended
  • In cases where swearing is witnessed by a staff member, no further evidence will be required before the above penalties apply
  • Members who are victims of any of the infractions listed above when VATPAC Staff members are not available are strongly encouraged to gather evidence of the incident as Staff members will not simply take your word for it. A list of some of the available methods for gathering evidence include:
    a) Recording the voice room using the built-in record function in Teamspeak
    b) Screenshots of any text conversations
  • Members who wish to report unacceptable behaviour should complete the VATPAC Feedback form using the category "Teamspeak Complaint". The VATPAC Board will be consulted in all cases of serious breaches
  • If a member is dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint, the matter will be escalated to the DCRM
  • Final interpretation of any of the above is at the discretion of VATPAC Board members


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Effective Date


16 October 2016 Policy transfered to Director Division
15 July 2016 Ban lengths adjusted and language refined
18 November 2015 Reformatted and renumbered for new website

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