Welcome to VATPAC

Welcome to the website of VATPAC - the Oceania-Pacific Division of VATSIM. We coordinate simulated flying and air traffic control throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.   All operations are designed to mirror real life and anyone can participate as either a Pilot using - FSX, FS9 or XPlane with their associated connection clients (FSINN, Squawkbox & XSquawkbox) or as ATC using virtual radar clients such as VRC & Euroscope.

Weekly Statistics

Top Pilot

Dylan Hardie YBBN27.6
Ben Jackson YSSY20.8
Jacob Roberts - YPPH17.9
Wilson Stewart YBRK14.0
Samuel Chianta YMML11.8


Zain Khan11.5
Eoin Motherway YBBN11.1
Ryan Steffe9.9
Nick Falcione9.8
Richard Quigley9.5

Who's Online?

No Controllers Currently Online
To/From Adelaide: 0
To/From Brisbane: 0
To/From Melbourne: 1
To/From Perth: 1
To/From Sydney: 2
Currently 2 aircraft in the VATPAC FIR.

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