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Welcome to the website of VATPAC - the Oceania-Pacific Division of VATSIM. We coordinate simulated flying and air traffic control throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.   All operations are designed to mirror real life and anyone can participate as either a Pilot using - FSX, FS9 or XPlane with their associated connection clients (FSINN, Squawkbox & XSquawkbox) or as ATC using virtual radar clients such as VRC & Euroscope.

Our website will give you all the information you need to join us and either fly or control in our airspace online using the VATSIM.net world-wide network.  We have several departments that will assist you.  Our Training department will get you started to become an online air traffic controller, our Operations department will provide you with all the technical information and assistance you will need when operating in VATPAC airspace and our Events department will fill you in on the many group events that we conduct.  Above all our Forums are the main repository of wisdom, assistance, news, and anything else you need to know about VATPAC.

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Top Pilot

Bradley Flood-YSSY19.4
Matthew Cook YBBN19.1
Russell Diehl - YPAD17.8
Sam Hall YPPH14.8
Barry Roberts12.3


Ryan Steffe24.0
Dave Payne22.1
Sean Ladyman YPPH20.0
Tanner Seymour YBBN18.8
Josh Micallef YSSY18.3